MONTHLY QI GONG CLASSES at Flow Acupuncture | Starting Feb 28th | 6:30-7:30pm

FLOW ACUPUNCTURE is hosting MONTHLY QIGONG CLASSES with QiMaster Scott White of Tai Chi Utah! Our first class will be WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 28TH - 6:30-7:30PM. Scott will lead us through some basic beginner qigong movements and poses to help start you on a path to mental clarity, stress-relief, and calm. What is qigong? ("chee-gung") Qigong is a form of movement-based meditation - very similar to tai chi, and is used to calm the mind, increase mental focus, relieve stress, and cultivate your body's qi. If you're like me - trying to "meditate" can be a discouraging experience at first where you feel fidgety, bored, and have a brain full of random, racing thoughts. I find that qigong or tai chi

Tel: 385-242-0649

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