Chinese Medicine & Fertility: YIN & YANG

Another installment from our women’s health specialist, Mallory: In TCM all things, even our biological processes come back to the balance of ☯️yin and yang☯️. In fact, a woman's cycle is a perfect example of the interconnected and interchanging nature of yin and yang’s energies within the body. YIN ENERGY is cooling, moistening and nourishing, and correlates to the first part of the cycle, beginning after menstruation. During this time, yin builds in the body, and estrogen is the main hormone responsible for building up the endometrial lining and creating a nice cozy home for a maturing egg. To balance this stage in the body, make sure and get plenty of sleep, avoid vigorous activity and op


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Chinese Medicine for Fertility: Recommended Reading

Whether you’re actively trying to conceive, interested in increasing the likelihood of getting pregnant in the future, or simply curious about natural fertility and birth control methods THESE BOOKS can be a great starting point. 1. “The Fifth Vital Sign” by Lisa Hendrickson-Jack - What is your cycle telling you about your health? Because a woman's cycle is highly personal, sometimes it can be hard to gauge what qualifies as “normal”. This book is an amazing resource for understanding the menstrual cycle on a deeper level, not only to increase fertility but to also gain insight to our overall health. 2. “The Garden of Fertility” by Katie Singer - For those that feel overwhelmed or want to kn

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