Artists and musicians in the Salt Lake City area can apply for FREE acupuncture and Chinese Medicine care in exchange for community enrichment through our new HEALTH AMBASSADOR program! 

"While traveling cross country performing live Ritual where I Collect Fears I have been looking for Acupuncture and treatment for some aches and pains that are becoming a regular issue.

Melissa at Flow Acupuncture and her Health Ambassador Program in Salt Lake city not only an amazing idea but by far one of the best treatments I have had in my life. If i lived in Salt Lake City i think she would cure me in mere months. SO appreciative for her special skills. Thank You. I will be stopping back through SLC primarily for another treatment  on my way back."      


                                                                       - Lucien Shapiro, artist

At Flow Acupuncture we know how important flow activities are, and things like playing music, creating art, or performing are not only important for your own happiness and sanity, but also enrich the lives of those around you. 


Flow Acupuncture appreciates and values the contributions that local artists and musicians make to the Salt Lake City area, and understands that embracing a life of the arts can also mean sacrificing a lot of other things (a high-paying job, benefits, a good night's sleep, or relaxing weekends). 


Very few artists and musicians can make a good living wage on their craft, and even fewer have adequate health insurance. Some reports estimate that 43-50% of American musicians lack health insurance, citing cost as the main obstacle.

Health concerns like carpal tunnel, tendinitis, hand pain, low energy, or insomnia can be annoying to everyone - but can be devastating to an artist. 


We at Flow Acupuncture would like to recognize and reward your contributions to our artistic community by offering FREE acupuncture and Chinese Medicine care to artists and musicians in need of help.


There's no need to pay us, all we ask in return is to do what you do best: play a free concert, teach a free workshop, or donate a piece of art to spread awareness of acupuncture, and the arts to enrich our community!


Contact Melissa at melissa@flowacupuncture.org with any additional questions.


Please note: Due to limited space, a commitment of 4-6 consecutive sessions will be required. Recipients will be contacted on a first-come-first-served basis, and scheduled according to timing and availability. Artists who receive over 50% of their income via arts will be given priority over part time/hobbyists.