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Shiatsu and Tuina are forms of East Asian massage that come from China and Japan. Based on the meridian systems established in Chinese Medicine, it is a form of massage that focuses on creating movement and flow throughout the body by encouraging balance and flow throughout the meridians.


This type of massage is very different from the Swedish ‘relaxation type’ massage that most people are familiar with. While an East Asian massage definitely IS relaxing, it is also a dynamic and deeply therapeutic experience that incorporates movement, stretching, and vibration to release physical and emotional tension.

60 min massage = $65 (introductory rate)


Shiatsu Massage 

Originating in Japan, this style of massage uses pressure along meridian systems and subtle palpation of tension, blockages, or restrictions to determine how best to restore flow and balance to the body. Pressure can range from very light to deep tissue depending on what your body needs. 


Tuina Massage

Originating in China, this form of massage uses rhythmic movements, shaking, vibration, rolling, and other techniques to loosen tight muscles and improve mobility and blood flow.


Passive stretching and movement

During your bodywork session, your therapist will be moving your body to facilitate mobility and loosen any joint stiffness or muscle tension. This may include stretching, pulling, or gentle circular movement. Care is taken to avoid discomfort and this technique often promotes better range of motion in joints and limbs.


Fully clothed experience

Patients receiving East Asian massage remain fully clothed during their session. Unlike Swedish-style massage, patients do not undress and massage oils are not used on the skin. It is best to wear comfortable clothing that does not restrict movement. 

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