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Chinese Medicine for Fertility: Recommended Reading

Fertility books

Whether you’re actively trying to conceive, interested in increasing the likelihood of getting pregnant in the future, or simply curious about natural fertility and birth control methods THESE BOOKS can be a great starting point.

1. “The Fifth Vital Sign” by Lisa Hendrickson-Jack - What is your cycle telling you about your health? Because a woman's cycle is highly personal, sometimes it can be hard to gauge what qualifies as “normal”. This book is an amazing resource for understanding the menstrual cycle on a deeper level, not only to increase fertility but to also gain insight to our overall health.

2. “The Garden of Fertility” by Katie Singer - For those that feel overwhelmed or want to know more about fertility awareness, this is a great guide with in depth instructions about how to observe and chart your body’s fertile signs, including basal body temperature, cervical fluid and cervical position.

3. “The Infertility Cure" by Randine Lewis, Ph.D. - As a practitioner dedicated to treating fertility and women’s health, I am constantly referring to this book. Randine Lewis does a fantastic job of outlining infertility through the lens of Chinese Medicine, and includes programs to help heal specific conditions pertaining to fertility.

4. "Taking Charge of Your Fertility" by Toni Weschler, MPH - This book is often considered the “fertility bible”, and is an incredibly thorough resource when it comes to reproductive health and optimizing fertility.

5. “Beyond the Pill” by Dr. Jolene Brighten - For many women, getting off of hormonal birth control can bring about a whole slew of symptoms, from changes in menstruation to headaches, acne, hair loss and mood swings. Beyond the Pill provides useful information to help reset the body, and re-establish natural hormone patterns.

Keep your eyes peeled for future installments of this FERTILITY BLOG series for more awesome info!

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