• Melissa Zappa, LAc.


A quick word about COSMETIC ACUPUNCTURE!

We have SO MANY PEOPLE reaching out to ask us about facial and cosmetic acupuncture treatments!

We are so very excited to launch a completely luxurious and amazing Cosmetic Acupuncture Treatment experience......but.....we need to wait until Covid is mostly over to do so.

Currently we are only allowing treatments where a patient is wearing a mask for the duration of the session.

And with facial acupuncture - a thorough treatment is not possible, as a mask covers your entire mouth, chin, cheeks, and nose!

For anyone interested in facial acupuncture, please keep an eye out on this page or sign up for email updates!

We will be making announcements and launching a full Cosmetic Acupuncture treatment offering in the near future!!

Please be patient and we PROMISE it will be worth the wait!!

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