"Mallory is amazing. She has helped me with my migraines and low energy due to Lupus.

She is kind and compassionate and listens to my concerns. Highly recommended Mallory!"



Melissa has a wonderful practice. I came to her several weeks ago with debilitating neck and shoulder pain. It was affecting my mood and my ability to be productive and manage stress. After one visit, my pain was considerably reduced and my energy boosted. Melissa is helping me feel so much better! She's extremely thorough and skilled!"



The key to being a good healer (or any profession  really) is to genuinely put love into what you do. This is precisely what I experienced with Melissa last weekend. Aside from being professional and attentive on a very high level, she was personable and showed passion for her practice. Would absolutely recommend."



I came to Flow Acupuncture for kidney stones, back pain (arthritis caused from Accutane) and to promote fertility. 

I had also developed this ear pain that would occur a couple times a month lasting a couple days alternating ears with associated nerve pain up the side of my head for over 6 months! Pain meds wouldn't touch it and I can't describe how disabling it was not to mention unsettling. Now, my kidney stones are FAR and FEW in-between, back pain is GONE, ear aches have DISAPPEARED and I got pregnant on my second try!Before I started actively trying to get pregnant my periods were consistently a couple days late and my cramps were unbearable. After a couple months of acupuncture with Melissa my cramps were lasting about an hour total and my period would start on exactly the same day within an hour of each other! Now that I am pregnant I have had absolutely no morning sickness or mood swings! I am astounded by my results and so thankful for Melissa and her extensive knowledge and passion. I can't thank her enough and describe how improved my quality of life is!



I highly recommend Flow Acupuncture. I have sciatica and was in a lot of pain today. Now it is so much better, I can stand up and walk without wincing every step!



After two sessions of acupuncture & cupping my debilitating, week long headache is gone. The swelling in my face has drastically decreased & the bruising isn't as bad. I can move my neck left to right without pain. I'm sleeping better, my appetite is back & I have felt calm during an extremely tense, emotionally trying time in my life. 

I have a long way to go, but I'm incredibly grateful & optimistic about healing my mind, body & spirit during this new chapter of my life. ❤️ If you're an SLC local I highly recommend booking a session with Melissa at Flow Acupuncture - she's amazing. Great energy, kind & so knowledgeable."



Melissa is very knowledgeable and has a great understanding of health issues. She is very professional and so easy to talk to!



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Melissa is amazing! A couple of weeks before my wedding I was so stressed out about the wedding that I was a total mess. After one session with Melissa, my stomach calmed down and my digestion was back on track. The acupuncture, herbs and tincture got me back in balance for the weeks leading up to my big day. I am usually such a stress case but the treatment helped keep me calm for weeks. Thank you!



Melissa is a true healer. I have struggled with carpal tunnel (pain, numbness, stiffness) on and off for years, and as a farmer most of my day involves repetitive motions and lots of work using my shoulder, arm, and hand muscles. After my first visit with Melissa I experienced less pain and numbness. After consistent visits my symptoms are almost completely alleviated. I couldn't be happier that I decided to try Flow Acupuncture.



I have had acupuncture for years as a way to maintain wellness. Last year I developed major chronic pain in my arm, waking at night, couldn't do daily activities, let alone work without pain.. 1 session with Melissa I had a 95% reduction in pain, 3 session later, no pain!!! I send everyone to her and they experience the same quality of service!



Melissa is very thorough! I have only had two sessions and already feeling so much better!



I had my first appointment with Melissa last Monday. I felt amazing after my treatment and am looking forward to my next session. She was extremely thorough during the intake process and it put me at ease right away. The treatment itself was wonderful. Melissa is gentle with her needles, and her use of tuning forks put me "in the zone".

We also had a good discussion about nutritional, herbal, and lifestyle changes I can make to keep my treatment going. In general I feel really happy about seeing Melissa and am excited that I have someone like her to help me meet my healthcare goals!


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