What is Constitutional Cosmetic Acupuncture?

Constitutional Facial Acupuncture uses an individualized, constitutional approach to the facial landscape, treating the body as well as the face.  This means that any condition that would be addressed in a conventional acupuncture session can be treated within the context of your facial acupuncture session. Because we are balancing both the face and the body, you will not only look refreshed, but feel better as a whole.


Needles are efficient and extremely effective tools that release the accumulated tension and rigidity in tissues under the skin surface that regularly suffer the force of stress, anxiety and worry. These after all, are the true roots of what we think of as "aging." In fact, during your initial intake we will determine which habitual facial expressions or behaviors have led to the "signs of aging" you may wish to reduce.

Acupuncture facial techniques release these tension patterns to create a smoother, uplifted and sculpted appearance of your skin and facial features. Oxygen, nutrients and blood circulation will return to light your complexion with the fresh, succulent glow of health.

A series of 10 regular (weekly) treatments is recommended for best results. 

  • Improve collagen/ elastin production

  • Increase muscle tone, thus lifting the facial muscles for a tighter and more youthful appearance

  • Treat facial symptoms of Bell’s Palsy, facial neuralgia, and TMJ

  • Reduce under-eye bags and alleviate sagging tendencies in the neck, jaw, nasolabial fold, and upper eyelids

  • Reduce fine lines, larger wrinkles, and puffiness

  • Reduce appearance of scars

  • Increase local blood and lymph circulation, improving facial complexion

  • Promote total health and well-being


Constitutional Cosmetic Acupuncture is a luxurious and nurturing acupuncture session that treats the person as a whole. Here is an outline of what your treatment with Aubrey, our cosmetic acupuncture specialist, will look like:

1)  Your treatment will begin with a comprehensive intake, reviewing all body systems in order to determine if there is an imbalance to be treated. 


2)  After the intake, you may wash your face and change into a robe before beginning the session. 


3)  You will then receive a decadent facial treatment including a firming mask and facial poultices made of Chinese herbs. 


4)  Aubrey will then insert painless, sterile needles into different points on the body, based on your body's needs.  

5)  Once the needles are inserted, you may rest quietly as the body and mind relax.  Vibrational sound healing is incorporated to further relax the mind and body. 


6)  When the mask is removed, sterile needles are strategically inserted into specific motor points (point where nerve innervates muscle) in order to stimulate the muscle into contraction.  You may feel a distinct tightening of the muscle, which lifts and tones the specific muscle correlated with the areas you wish to address (much like a biceps curl lifts and tones the biceps.).  These needles are retained for a short time, then all needles are removed.


7)   You will then receive a moisturizing facial massage, finished with cooling jade rollers and essential oils. 


Once the treatment is complete, take some time to re-engage with the world. You will feel deeply relaxed, yet energized, and ready to finish the day with confidence and vigor!


Effect of facial cosmetic acupuncture on facial elasticity: an open-label, single-arm pilot study.

This open-label, single-arm pilot study in which 50 participants received five facial cosmetic acupuncture (FCA) treatment sessions over three weeks. Participants were measured before and after FCA. The primary outcome was the Moire topography criteria. The secondary outcome was a patient-oriented self-assessment scale of facial elasticity.  A significant improvement after FCA treatment was evident according to mean change in Moire topography criteria. Conclusions: In this pilot study, facial cosmetic acupuncture showed promising results as a therapy for facial elasticity. However, further large-scale trials with a controlled design and objective measurements are needed.

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This systematic review aims to synthesize the evidence on the use of acupuncture as a primary treatment modality for dermatologic conditions. Twenty-four studies met inclusion criteria. Acupuncture was used to treat atopic dermatitis, urticaria, pruritus, acne, chloasma, neurodermatitis, dermatitis herpetiformis, hyperhidrosis, human papillomavirus wart, breast inflammation, and facial elasticity. In 17 of 24 studies, acupuncture showed statistically significant improvements in outcome measurements compared with placebo acupuncture, alternative treatment options, and no intervention. Acupuncture improves outcome measures in the treatment of dermatitis, chloasma, pruritus, urticaria, hyperhidrosis, and facial elasticity. Future studies should ideally be double-blinded and standardize the control intervention.

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