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Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture is a natural, gentle, and safe approach to slow signs of aging and improve the overall look and feel of the skin - leaving you looking and feeling refreshed and revitalized!

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Increased Collagen & Elastin Production

for youthful, plump skin and facial features

Tiny facial acupuncture needles stimulate your facial skin's own collagen production which is your skin's natural elasticity, plumpness, and fullness.


Increased Blood Flow

for reduction of facial lines and wrinkles & glowing skin

Microtrauma at the sites of tiny facial acupuncture needles encourage the skin of the face to mobilize red and white blood cells to encourage tissue recovery, circulation, repair of fine lines and wrinkles.


Release tension of facial muscles

for prevention of facial lines and refreshed appearance

Using tiny acupuncture needles, facial massage, and facial guasha your acupuncturist will reduce the tension and stress in your facial muscles.


Stimulation of cellular turnover

for glowing, supple skin that is never dull

Acupuncture, facial jade rolling, and cupping help circulate blood and lymph to carry nutrients to facial cells to encourage rapid reproduction of newer, more radiant cells and preventing dull complexion.


Move and drain lymph

to reduce puffiness and provide glowing complexion

Specialized cupping for your face and neck will help move and circulate lymph and gently reduce swelling and toxins.


Full body acupuncture

to ensure your skin is healthy from the inside-out!

Chinese Medicine is based on the principle that health is manifested from the inside out, and facial acupuncture is a holistic technique that also treats any underlying conditions, emotional imbalances, and lifestyle factors that can contribute to the ageing process.  Promoting deep relaxation to our whole system, you may notice improvements in other areas such as digestion, sleep,  immune system regulation, and general stress reduction. 

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Muscle tone, lymphatic drainage, and overall complexion can be improved through a course of facial rejuvenation acupuncture, addressing conditions such as:

  • fine lines and wrinkles

  • facial puffiness

  • rough, dull, uneven skin texture

  • loss of muscle tone, sagginess around the jaw, chin, cheeks, eyelids

  • circles or bags under the eyes

  • dark spots, sun damage, discoloration

  • enlarged pores

  • facial dryness and redness

  • inflammatory issues such as acne, eczema, and rosacea 

  • scarring from acne or injury

  • facial tension, TMJ

  • sinus pressure and congestion



Together we will go over your main areas of concern, and go through a full body intake. Body and facial acupuncture points are then administered for approximately 20-30 minutes, targeting specific areas and improving overall blood flow. Depending on your specific concerns, a combination of facial massage, cupping, and gua sha are then selected.

Facial cupping helps to bring nutrients and collagen to the skin’s surface, promotes lymph and sinus drainage, and reduces puffiness and dark spots.

Facial gua sha and jade rolling massage help to reduce inflammation and improve muscle tone, treating deeper wrinkles and areas prone to sagging.

We follow up with a soothing blend of natural antioxidants, aloe vera, and topical Chinese Herbs to leave the skin feeling hydrated and refreshed.

All of the facial products we use in our facial treatments are made from natural, organic ingredients and made in the US. 

Cosmetic beauty acupuncture



For best results, a recommended course of cosmetic acupuncture is typically 10 treatments, usually at a frequency of 1-2x per week.

To make this more affordable, we offer skincare programs to discount consistent sessions. 

We structure treatments based on the body’s own renewal process- it takes 28 days for skin cells to regenerate, and up to 12 weeks for collagen to naturally rebuild.

Everyone responds differently to acupuncture, and each acupuncture treatment is individualized according to how each person is aging.

While it does not produce the same kind of dramatic results as botox or other invasive procedures, facial acupuncture helps the face look more youthful and radiant without any potentially dangerous side effects.

Most patients start to see significant improvements in their skin within the first 5-7 treatments, and notice that they not only look younger but they feel younger and healthier overall.  

Once an initial course of treatments is completed, maintenance treatments once per month or once per season can be great for sustained, long term results.

The effects of facial acupuncture rejuvenation are cumulative and can last up to 3-5 years.


  • Please plan to avoid direct sun exposure before and after your facial acupuncture treatments.

  • Please arrive for your facial acupuncture treatments with clean/bare skin and no makeup or skincare applied.

  • Please wait up to 1 hour after your facial acupuncture session before applying skincare or makeup.

  • Facial Acupuncture brings a lot of qi and blood to the head and face, and can be contraindicated with certain conditions. Before beginning treatments please let us know if you have any of the following:

    • high blood pressure

    • coronary disease

    • chronic migraines

    • diabetes or blood sugar issues

    • prone to dizziness, vertigo, or lightheadedness

    • cold sores, herpes simplex infections

  • Please also notify us if you have had any of the following procedures in the last 6 months:

    • facelift, eyelid lift

    • botox 

    • fillers

    • microdermabrasion

    • other facial surgical procedures

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