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What are the benefits of a Premium Acupuncture Treatment?

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Offered by our combined acupuncturist/massage therapist, Aidan, a Premium Acupuncture Treatment is a truly luxurious experience. This 90 minute treatment combines 30 minutes of massage therapy with our regular 60 minute acupuncture session for a more in-depth remedy for musculoskeletal concerns.

Each treatment includes:

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Thorough Health History

Aidan will spend time with you to understand your needs, and gain a thorough history of your body's health. 

Traditional Chinese Medicine requires thoughtful and detailed questions about all aspects of your health to create a detailed treatment plan specifically for your health concerns.


Physical Assessments

Using diagnostic methods, Aidan will assess your movement, range of motion, and perform simple tests to assess the best techniques and methods for your treatment plan to achieve the best outcomes.


30 Minutes of Massage

Aidan is an experienced and licensed massage therapist and combines acupuncture and 30 minutes of massage and bodywork to enhance your treatment relieve tension, reduce pain, and help improve mobility and flexibility. Aidan will tailor each massage to your body's needs.


60 Minutes - full body Acupuncture

Acupuncture to address your health concerns. 

Treatments can target pain relief, digestion, mental and emotional health, headaches/migraines, respiration, and more! Your treatment is custom-tailored to your body's needs.


A powerful tool for releasing muscle tension, increasing blood flow, and removing stagnation - cupping uses a small flame to create suction within a small glass cup. The cup is applied to the skin and suction causes a 'pulling' sensation on the skin and muscles that is pleasant and effective.

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Herbal Medicine recommendations, Dietary therapy, and Movement.

Traditional Chinese Medicine isn't complete without the use of food, movement, and herbal medicines as a complete lifestyle. Your practitioner will recommend easy diet, lifestyle, movement, and herbal remedies to add to your daily routine to improve your health and wellbeing.


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