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How does acupuncture work for regulating hormones,

menstrual cycle, and fertility? 


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Regulation of Menstrual Cycle

Consistent acupuncture treatments can help regulate menstrual cycles and balance hormone levels for a healthier and more enjoyable period. Having a regimented cycle will help your body govern its own levels of hormones and allow for decreased menstrual cramping, healthy quantity of menstrual flow, balanced energy levels, enhanced fertility, and general wellness.

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Fertility Support

Acupuncture can optimize fertility for all genders, and help to ensure a healthy pregnancy. Research has proven that regular acupuncture before conception and during pregnancy improve success rates and numbers of healthy births. For more information on fertility support at Flow Acupuncture please click here.


IVF / IUI Optimization

Acupuncture in combination with IVF or IUI has been proven to improve outcomes and produce more successful pregnancies and healthy births through numerous research studies. For more information on IVF or IUI support treatments at Flow Acupuncture please click here.

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Pregnancy Support

Acupuncture during pregnancy is a gentle, natural, and safe way to address a number of health concerns that may arise during pregnancy (nausea, morning sickness, back pain, leg swelling, fatigue, constipation, and more.) Many of our patients enjoy acupuncture treatments throughout their entire pregnancy to maintain wellness and comfort. For more information on pregnancy acupuncture at Flow Acupuncture please click here.

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Menstrual Pain Relief

Acupuncture can help reduce and alleviate menstrual cramping in women with a history of painful periods, uterine cysts, fibroids, or PCOS.


Hormone Regulation

Acupuncture may affect the hypothalamus pituitary axis and reduce the release of the luteinizing hormone in the treatment of polycystic ovary syndrome.

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Menopause Relief

The American Menopause Association recommends acupuncture for its ability to successfully reduce hot flashes, night sweating, insomnia, dryness (skin, eyes, vaginal) and mood regulation. 


Breech baby repositioning

The use of moxibustion in combination with acupuncture treatment has been shown to gently encourage a natural repositioning in babies who are breech in the womb. Read more about this treatment here, and may be started as early as week 34 or 35 of pregnancy.

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Due to the events of the June 24th 2022 and the overturning of Roe vs Wade, certain reproductive-related health choices may become inaccessible to Utah residents. We believe it is amoral and unconstitutional to deny a person of fundamental and vital healthcare. If you are in need of reproductive healthcare, please see our IVF Resources page or our Abortion Resources page for support and assistance.

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