Cupping is a form of bodywork that is similar to a deep tissue massage.

Cupping uses gentle suction to encourage blood flow to an area of tightness and to release muscle tension and pain.

Traditional 'fire cupping' uses flame to create suction within the glass cups. Modern 'suction cupping' uses a suction device that sucks air out of the plastic cup. 

Both forms are effective, and are chosen based upon the area of the body being treated and your practitioner's preference.




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You will notice circular marks on your skin after cupping. This is normal, and should disappear within a few days. Some marks may last longer than others, but they are not painful. If you wish to reduce the appearance of your cupping marks more quickly, you may want to apply a topical cream or balm containing arnica to the skin.

Your practitioner will determine if cupping is appropriate for you and your health concerns.


SOME regular acupuncture treatments may include cupping.

If you are specifically wanting cupping therapy, mention this to your acupuncturist at the start of your treatment. Flow Acupuncture does not offer cupping-only treatments at this time.