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Using acupuncture and herbal medicine to prepare for

and encourage pregnancy

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Flow Acupuncture's fertility expert, Mallory Berge, constructs customized fertility treatment plans for every stage of an individual's journey toward parenthood. Mallory is a certified Fertility Acupuncturist from the American Board of Oriental Reproductive Medicine

Whether our patients are trying to conceive naturally, or via IUI or IVF, we consider the unique constitution of each patient to develop treatment plans that foster success.

We use fertility acupuncture, herbal medicine, stress reduction, dietary & lifestyle recommendations to effectively treat a whole range of fertility issues, including:

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Natural fertility treatments at Flow Acupuncture are designed to bring your body back into balance. Although our focus is on the reproductive system, we look at the body as a whole. The health and well-being of your entire body is important when preparing to conceive naturally.

Optimizing fertility and improving pregnancy success is different for each couple.  We look at each couple individually and develop a specialized treatment plan to increase the chances of conception and healthy full-term pregnancy.  Our goal is to uncover and enhance your fertility potential that may be blocked or disrupted by many factors. 

We recommend starting regular and consistent acupuncture treatment at least three months before conception takes place. 

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A typical human oocyte (egg cell) requires a three month period to fully mature.

During that time regular acupuncture will focus on creating healthy follicles and better egg quality; balancing hormones and regulating your menstrual cycle; and get your body as a whole in the best condition for conception to occur.

Using her expertise and extensive training, Mallory will craft a customized treatment plan utilizing regular acupuncture, herbal medicines, nutrition therapy, lifestyle recommendations and hormone monitoring to ensure whole body health and setting the stage for a successful and healthy pregnancy.

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