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Learn more about herbal medicines

and how we use them at Flow Acupuncture & Apothecary

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Humans have worked with plants and other natural materials as medicines for thousands of years. Flowers, roots, leaves, and barks of numerous plants have been proven to have many health benefits and can be a safer alternative to prescription drugs or more invasive healthcare options.

Herbal medicines comes in many forms and hail from many traditions and cultures. Here at Flow, we offer both Chinese and Western herbs in our apothecary in formats and doses to fit every person.

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Our fully-stocked herbal apothecary connects you to excellent herbal medicines of the greatest quality. There are three ways we can support your wellness goals with herbs...


Patents are existing formulas of herbs that have been tried-and-tested over many years, often many hundreds of years. These harmonious blends of herbs are an important part of Chinese medicine and work in synergy with acupuncture, body work, cupping, nutrition, and other modalities. When you're in the clinic, you may see bottles on our shelves written in pin yin, a form of Mandarin written in English letters. These are celebrated patent formulas that have been handed down over the ages.


  • Patent recommendations included in acupuncture appointment.

  • Cost of patient formulas is $20-25 per bottle, not included in the cost of acupuncture.


Our resident herbalists have written several formulas that speak to the unique needs of our community based on climate, seasons, and common goals. We handcraft these formulas right here at Flow using superior herbal materials and expert medicine crafting techniques.


  • House formula recommendations are included in acupuncture appointment.

  • Cost of house formulas vary by item and quantity - ranging from $10-$35+, not included in the cost of acupuncture.


If herbal medicine calls to you, we invite you to connect with our resident herbalist, Josh Williams. He's been in practice here in Salt Lake City, Utah since 2016, has written two celebrated books on the subject of herbalism, and has won best herbalist by City Weekly Readers Poll for seven consecutive years. Herbal consultations are an effective way to learn about the patterns of your wellness goals, look at the herbs that are the right and safe choice for your unique constitution, and have remedies written and compounded just for you. CLICK HERE to learn more and schedule your herbal consultation.


  • In-depth herbal consultations with Josh are $65 per 90-min session

  • Cost of custom herbal formulas vary by item and quantity - ranging from $25-$45+, not included in the cost of consultation.



As part of your Acupuncture treatment or herbal consultation, we'll help connect you to the herbs that are the best fit for your goals. We work with herbs in a variety of ways:


Our fully-stocked apothecary in Salt Lake City allows us to custom-formulate and blend herbal teas just for you! Rather than buying general tea blends at the store, these are crafted to honor your unique constitution and where you are at this time. Herbal teas are a safe, effective, and often times delicious way to bring herbal medicine into your life.


We stock a large variety of traditional Chinese patent formulas to support every body system, function, and wellness goal. Patents come in the form of capsules, tablets, or small tea pills and are a convenient way to work with herbs anytime, anywhere.


We handcraft all of our tinctures on site using the most vibrant organic herbs. Tinctures are concentrated liquid extracts of medicinal plants that are taken from a dropper. Tinctures can be placed directly on the tongue, mixed in water or juice, or even put into herbal tea. They're a convenient way to get full doses of herbal medicine that are easy to digest and quick to activate in the body.


We work with many herbs in the form of warm, damp, topical application to help drive the herbs into the skin, muscles, and frame where they're needed most. From relaxing soaks to post-partum sitz baths, compresses for the skin and poultices for pain, we can custom formulate and craft these remedies just for you.


Because our herbs are all organic and pure, we can craft steams to support upper and deep respiratory support as well as steams for skin and pelvic floor wellness.

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