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Learn more about Chinese herbal medicines and how we use them at Flow Acupuncture

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Chinese medicine has used plants and other natural materials as medicines for thousands of years. Flowers, roots, leaves, and barks of numerous plants have been proven to have many health benefits and can be a safer alternative to prescription drugs or more invasive healthcare options.

Combinations of these plants are commonly known as 'formulas' or 'patent medicines' which is the most common form of Chinese Medicine used today. The medicinal plants are processed (boiled or steeped in water for long periods of time to extract their active chemical components) and then made into powders or pills. 

Flow Acupuncture uses many different forms of Chinese herbal medicine, and patients may be prescribed different formulas based on their health needs.

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Every treatment at Flow Acupuncture INCLUDES 

herbal medicine recommendations, if appropriate for your health condition.

Our healthcare providers are trained with years of education and experience in Chinese herbal pharmacology. 

In many cases, symptoms will improve more quickly and better health results will be achieved through a combination of acupuncture and herbal medicine.


Flow acupuncture is committed to keeping Chinese medicine accessible and affordable to its patients, and cost of herbal medicine ranges from $15-$22 per bottle. 

Consistency is key to finding success with herbal medicine. Please stick to your recommended doseage each day for maximum results.

Many formulas will require consistent use for 2-4 weeks before symptoms improve and/or resolve.

If you experience any adverse reactions, or have any questions or concerns please contact your acupuncturist immediately and discontinue use until further instructions.

We are excited to share the diverse and wonderful world of plant medicine with you, and help you achieve your health goals naturally!

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