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Hi, I'm Josh

I am a traditionally-trained clinical herbalist, author, teacher, and formulator. My passions in working with plants centered on their personhood- their identity as arcane spirits with a depth of wisdom, virtue, and power I am completely fascinated by. the classes, courses, writings, and products I create are all intended to open the ways between the green-blooded human folk and our mighty plant spirit kin.

I practice a style of herbalism that is at once deeply ancient and fiercely contemporary. my inspiration for plant medicine comes from the stories, legends, and processes of my ancestors while honoring the where, when, and who we are right now. I work with an energetic (also: constitutional, temperamental) model of herbal medicine alongside my own elemental herbalism methods which work with the primordial elements of earth, air, fire, and water to explore and remedy disharmonies. as a spiritual herbalist, I honor the soul of plants and work with them by approaching them as they are- conscious, wise, and powerful beings.

I live in Salt Lake City, UT even though my books and much of my content is published in the UK. Right now I split my time between creating content and classes for the Green Arte herbal school and coordinating community events and patient care at Flow Acupuncture.

I am a voracious reader, gardener, ritualist, animal rights advocate, music lover, and tattoo collector.


7X Voted 'Best Herbalist in Utah' 2018-2024

City Weekly's Mind & Body Readers Poll


of the Green Arte School of Herbalism

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of East West School of Planetary Herbology


Institute of Chinese Herbology (concurrent)

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