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Hi, I'm Melissa. 

I love acupuncture. I love its colorful history, I love that it encourages a stronger relationship with nature, and I love that it encourages our bodies to heal themselves.


Most of all, I love that acupuncture is a medium for me to participate in the lives of so many amazing people. It allows me to help people do the things that they love.  

Acupuncture is my way of restoring and spreading joy. It is my small part in reuniting your best friend with his guitar and helping your sister dance to greatness. I understand the importance of doing something you love. When people can do what they love without pain or physical limitations, they are happy. That happiness is contagious, and the world can be a better place because of it.  


I look forward to learning about your passions, your hobbies, and your dreams - and helping you achieve them, one acupuncture needle at a time!

UPDATE SEPTEMBER 2021: I have been offered the amazing opportunity to take on the role of Acupuncture Training, Education and Research Coordinator at the prestigious Huntsman Cancer Institute's Wellness and Integrative Health Center. Due to this new position, I have had to make the heartwrenching decision to step away from clinical duties at Flow Acupuncture. 

I am still very much a part of the Flow Acupuncture, and will now be steering and guiding this amazing team from behind-the-scenes and ensuring Flow remains the BEST Acupuncture clinic in Utah. I will miss all my wonderful patients SO VERY MUCH, but I'm excited for this new opportunity to represent and elevate acupuncture to the next-level at Huntsman Cancer Institute. 


Licensed Acupuncturist


Diplomate of Acupuncture

National Commission of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine

NCCAOM (1).png

at Huntsman Cancer Institute, Wellness & Integrative Health Center

HCI logo.jfif
Doctor of Acupuncture

from WON Institute of Graduate Studies, Warminster, PA

Master of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine

from Oregon College of Oriental Medicine, PORTLAND OR

Post-graduate Internship

Nanjing University school of Traditional Chinese Medicine, CHINA

ADAPT Functional Medicine Practitioner

certified by Kresser Institute

Bachelor of BioMedical Sciences

from National University of Health Sciences, Lombard IL USA

Acupuncture for Oncology 

certified by Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

MSKCC logo.jpg
2019 & 2019 'Best Acupuncturist' 

from City Weekly's BEST OF UTAH MIND AND BODY reader's poll

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