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Learn more about 'moxa' heat therapy

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Commonly called 'moxa' for short, moxibustion is a form of heat therapy used in Chinese Medicine for a number of different health concerns.


Moxa uses gentle heat to relieve pain (especially joint pain) and boost 'YANG' energy within the body. 

Flow Acupuncture uses many different forms of moxibustion therapy, which comes from the Chinese artemesia plant. 

  • Pole moxa - a warmed roll of moxa is held above an acupuncture point

  • Stick-on moxa - a specialized moxa holder is adhered to the skin at an acupuncture point

  • Rice grain moxa - tiny pieces of moxa 'wool' the size of a grain of rice are warmed at an acupuncture point

  • Warming needle - balls of moxa 'wool' are placed on the end of an acupuncture needle to gently warm the needle itself

All forms are effective, and are used for different reasons. 

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A pleasant warming sensation is experienced during moxa treatment, and the artemesia plant is very fragrant when burned.

Your practitioner will determine if moxibustion is appropriate for you and your health concerns.

If you are sensitive to smoke or have asthma or sensitive lungs, please tell your acupuncturist before your moxibustion treatment. Additional ventilation will be required.

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