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Chinese Medicine & Fertility: ENDOCRINE SYSTEM‏

For this post it’s not just about estrogen and progesterone when it comes to hormonal balance for fertility. Our ENTIRE ENDOCRINE SYSTEM acts as our internal, self regulating thermostat, complete with constant feedback loops and communication to help all parts run smoothly, including the menstrual cycle.

For example, our THYROID plays into our overall metabolism, and can affect digestion, mood, energy, skin and hair.

Did you know that our thyroid production is also closely connected to our adrenals and ovaries, and if thyroid hormone is low it can also cause irregular or prolonged menstrual cycles, infertility and miscarriage?

CORTISOL is another hormone that is HUGE for fertility. Produced by the adrenals, cortisol is released to combat stress and inflammation in the body, and it helps regulate blood sugar levels and blood pressure.

Irregular changes in cortisol usually come from prolonged stress, and can lead to energy crashes throughout the day, sleep issues and insomnia, feeling “wired and tired”, and difficulty getting over colds and infections.

If stress and cortisol levels go unchecked, our body enters “survival” mode, and its production of sex hormones decreases, delaying ovulation and making cycles irregular.

Chances are, if you’re suffering from hormonal imbalances, there’s more than one at play, and these are just two examples of how these systems are complex and intertwined.

We love how acupuncture and Chinese Medicine address the whole body, and help restore balance to multiple areas simultaneously.

To get your stress, cortisol, and hormones in check book an appointment with Mallory at today!

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