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Herbalist Josh Williams & The Flow Apothecary

It's finally time for us to announce the completion of our in-house herbal apothecary!

Many of you may know of Herbalist Josh Williams who opened Greenthread Apothecary in 2018- and many Utahn's mourn the closing of his shop last year!

Josh is an award-winning herbalist who has over 12 years of clinical study in the fields of western traditional herbalism, classic Chinese herbalism, Ayurveda, and Humoral traditions. Josh has been awarded Best Herbalist by the Salt Lake City Weekly Readers Poll seven years running. Josh is the author of two books, both published by Aeon Books in London, UK: Spiritual Herbalism and The Green Arte. Josh is a member of the American Herbalists Guild and UK Association of Master Herbalists and has been in practice here in Salt Lake City since 2016.

Herbalist Josh Williams in the Flow Acupuncture apothecary space

Josh has curated a selection of vibrant herbs from trusted farms across the states to support clients in their wellness. In addition to whole herbs, our apothecary is also stocked with a collection of handcrafted extracts. Josh is one of the few practicing herbalists who formulates and compounds herbal remedies as part of consultation for each client he works with.

What Does a Clinical Herbalist Do?

Professional herbalists bring a wealth of education, clinical experience, and personal exploration to each client they serve. An herbalist is in deep connection to the plants and the remedies made form those plants. They use a variety of assessment tools to explore disharmony states within the client, define a path back to wellness, and choose the herbs that best address the unique needs of that person.

Herbalism, while working with sometimes very common herbs, is a complex practice that considers unique constitution, current medical procedures and pharmaceuticals, personal goals, trauma points, and other crucial aspects of the client to formulate appropriate medicines with the right herbs at the right dose for the right amount of time. Rather than just looking up what an herb is good for or which herbs are good for a specific condition, an herbalist has a repertoire of potent herbs they work with, know deeply, and can call in to any situation.

fully-stocked herbal apothecary for custom medicine formulations in Salt Lake City, Utah

What Happens in an Herbal Consultation?

Every herbalist does things in a unique way, but you can expect the following when working with most herbalists:

  • A complete intake, exploration of your history and experiences, and assessment of any presenting patterns. The intake portion of Josh's consultations often lasts over an hour- you have plenty of time to be heard, ask questions, and fully explore the situation.

  • Differential assessments are used to both clarify and confirm patterns and roots of disharmonies. Pulse and tongue analysis, biofeedback and kinesilology, energetic scanning, body reading, and exploratory discussions all help bring issues into focus.

  • Individual and collective herbs are defined that are the appropriate, safe, and effective fit for the unique person being treated, their expressing symptoms and patterns, the energetic roots of the issues, and their personal goals.

  • Herbal formulas are written and explained as part of the consultation, then are compounded here in the apothecary- the client is given clear and approachable protocols to engage with the herbal medicine.

  • In Josh's practice, the first dose of formulas is often facilitated in-session to check body response and introduce the being to the herbs.

All medicines are handmade using the highest quality and sustainably sourced plant materials and crafted with expert knowledge

Learn more about Josh's work with herbal medicine, see upcoming workshops, and take the guesswork out of herbs by scheduling your consultation with him...

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