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What is electro-acupuncture, and how can it help relieve pain?

Electro-acupuncture uses a small machine that generates very small electrical impulses that is clipped to the ends of acupuncture needles to add sensation and benefit to an acupuncture treatment. Power is generated from a 9-V battery (so its not an incredibly intense or jarring experience!) and clips and cords are very small and lightweight,

to not disturb the needle placement or patient comfort. Varying intensities and frequencies are utilized for specific health concerns and applications, which is an advanced approach to pain relief.

Our acupuncturist, Vanessa Mock, explains more:

“Electro-Acupuncture Medicine, EAM™, is an incredibly measured system that uses electric stimulation on the needles to encourage the natural release of particular hormones or pain suppressors and stimulate neurotransmitter function. Conditions must be treated with a specific amplitude and frequency in order to achieve the desired result. EAM™ can be used for internal diseases, psycho-emotional disorders, and musculoskeletal dysfunction. It is cutting-edge medicine in the field of TCM.

Most graduate students, like myself, became familiar with electro-acupuncture within the curriculum as a supplemental technique. While we learned the basics, we did not become proficient in the exploration of why certain amplitudes and frequencies must be used for various disorders. EAM™ training far surpasses superficial education and dives deep as to why only certain frequencies and amplitudes will present desirable outcomes. It is an exceptionally calculated method and can be used for internal diseases, psycho-emotional disorders, and musculoskeletal dysfunction.

Electro-acupuncture has been used since the 1970’s but not until recently has in-depth research been conducted to measure the true efficacy of EAM™. Recent studies have found EAM™ to be extremely beneficial for swiftly relieving pain, and it’s on the forefront of becoming a huge factor in decreasing opioid abuse. Neurosurgeon and immunologist Dr. Kevin Tracey has an excellent presentation on how bioelectric medicine is changing the future of medicine to treat a multitude of ailments. You can view his talk below.

I am thrilled to be offering EAM™ at Flow Acupuncture, and have trained directly under Dr. Jeremy Steiner, DAOM, of whom is at the forefront of this medicine. I am currently the only licensed acupuncturist in Utah to be offering EAM™. Come and see for yourself what this powerful science-based approach has to offer for your pain relief and wellness!”

To experience EAM for yourself, book an appointment with Vanessa here, and experience cutting-edge pain relief!

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